HerStory - Combating gender stereotypes by highlighting women's contribution to the history of societies

16/01/2023 to 15/01/2025
506.152,80 €

History reflects power relations. The field of history was invariably guided by a male dominant compass. This fact encourages societies to put value on men, their role in shaping society and their accomplishments, more than those of women. Historiography lacks basic information about women’s action in history. As the mainstream literature on women’s history is limited, their contribution to society and the struggles for women’s rights are more likely invisible. The lack of visibility of women in history is reflected both by the lack of statues that represent women in history and the limited knowledge about where those statues are and what they represent. Through focusing on women’s triumphs and normalizing the success of women through the publicity of women statues and monuments, these historical misconceptions and misrepresentation can be addressed. By re-addressing local histories and the popular narratives they support, this project tackles existing stereotypes regarding the value of women in a society. In this way, this project will combat gender-based stereotypes while empowering women and girls around Europe. A key component of this project rests on its use of technological means to provide a journey of transnational digital history. Through this journey the different statues and monuments that represent the footprint of women in history in cities across Europe. The project will develop a transnational map where the visitors will be able to find remarkable places regarding women in history, read their story and find useful resources regarding them. Physically, participants will be able to see these points in history in person through mini excursions around European cities. Target Groups (Direct/Indirect): • Youth/Students • Feminist Organizations • Youth organisations • Human Rights Organization • Women Organizations & collectives • School Educators • Academic researchers in the fields of history/sociology/anthropology