Empowering Women in Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship by developing a Supportive Ecosystem in Higher Education Institutions

European Union. Erasmus + KA2 - Cooperation partnership in higher education
Project type: 
Project leader: 
Aleksandra Rozanska
01/12/2023 to 30/11/2026
400.000 €


  • To create inclusive HEIs ecosystems that combat gender stereotypes and encourage female students to follow tech business careers.
  • To boost confidence, develop entrepreneurial skills and foster female student’s passion for Tech Business careers.
  • To showcase how HEIs can become catalysts for influencing stereotypes and encouraging more women to become the future tech innovators and entrepreneurs of Europe.

Research activities; training activities targeted to HEI educators through an international seminar; development of the GenderWise training programme for educators; Development of the HerTechVenture entrepreneurship programme for female students; organization of testing, trainings, mentoring and hackathons for female students; organization of a final awards event; development of resources and training material; reporting and assessment; dissemination and communication activities


  • HerTechVenture Theory of Change
  • GenderWise training programme for educators- 10 HEI educators will be directly trained during an LTTA
  • HerTechVenture entrepreneurship programme offering 6 training modules; a hackathon curriculum; a mentoring scheme and digital inspirational resources.
  • Implementation of the HerTechVenture Academy in 5 countries where 100 female students will be benefited. Organisation of a final award event in Poland.
  • Dissemination materials and events