Call for papers International Journal of Engineering Education Special Issue about Teamwork Assessment in Eng Education

The International Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE)
Special Issue on Teamwork Assessment in Eng Education

Guest editors

Miguel Ángel Conde, Escuelas de Ingenierías Industrial e Informática, University of León, Spain
Alicia García-Holgado, GRIAL Research Group, Research Institute for Educational Sciences, University of Salamanca. Spain


Nowadays, one of the key issues in any situation is the effectiveness of the stakeholders involved. In the labor market companies and institutions require that their workers have a very high performance level. In order to guarantee this, professionals should be prepared to work in varied ways, and one of most common is to work with their peers as a team. This means that educational institutions should help the future professionals to develop teamwork competence. In fact, these institutions are devoting lot of effort and investing great quantities of money to promote and foster teamwork competence. However, it is necessary to assess if the competence has been acquired or not. This is a difficult task that requires the evaluation of multiple pieces of evidence.

The evaluation and development of teamwork competence is especially relevant in engineering contexts, because in this case most of the professional tasks are addressed by teams. In addition, engineering education use to have a practical component related to Project, Problem or Challenge Based Learning Initiatives, and these activities are carried out by student teams. In these cases, it is not enough to evaluate the students by the final result of the team submission. We need to assess what happens during the different stages of the learning activity and what each team member has done. This is not a trivial task and there is lot of work to be done.

Topics of interest include

  • Teamwork activities in Engineering Education
  • Methods, tools and applications for assessing teamwork in Engineering Education
  • Teamwork competence acquisition in Engineering Education
  • Assessing individual development of teamwork competence in Engineering Education
  • Formative and summative in teamwork activities in Engineering Education
  • Effectiveness of teamwork in Engineering Education
  • Good practices and lessons learned about teamwork acquisition in Engineering Education


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  • Submission of extended abstracts (about two pages): January 31, 2019
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  • Complete manuscript submission: May 1, 2019
  • Notification of reviewers’ feedback: July 15, 2019
  • Final manuscript submission: September 1, 2019

Call for papers


Dr. Miguel Ángel Conde-González,
Dra. Alicia García-Holgado,