Postdoctoral contract in the University of Salamanca, Spain

The GRIAL Research Group coordinates the project "TE-CUIDA, proposal of a TEchnological ecosystem to support Caregivers" funding by the Deparment of Education of the Autonomous Government of Castilla y León from 26/07/2017 to 31/12/2019. The aim of the project is to develop a technological ecosystem for supporting caregivers with special emphasis in the rural environment. The main task is to give sufficient support to both formal and informal caregivers, and thereby improve the quality of the care and reduce the caregiver's workload. This will facilitate that elderly people can maintain their residence in a community environment and in their own home with the best possible care, especially if they have loss of autonomy.

The project budget includes a postdoctoral contract with a full-time monthly salary of 2530€. The purpose of the contract is to conduct research activities and software development in the project during 1 year and a half.

It is required having the degree of Computer Engineer or Master in Computer Engineering and a PhD. As an additional requirement, he/she must have obtained the PhD degree in a university different to the University of Salamanca unless than he/she has spent at least 24 months in a foreign university.

The Committee will consider the candidate's merits:

  1. Academic distinctions and merits in research (70%)
    • Publications
    • Research stays
    • Participation in research project
    • Teaching experience
    • Certificate English level
  2. Experience in techniques and knowledge related to the project profile (30%)
    • Knowledge of programming in different languages including PHP, Python
    • Knowledge of Drupal
    • Knowledge of data mining and data visualization
    • Knowledge of statistical data analysis

People interested in the postdoctoral contract should contact directly with Francisco J. García Peñalvo, head of the GRIAL Research Group and coordinator of the project, through the email

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