Special Issue of JISE: Discovering knowledge through highly interactive information based systems

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Tue, 31/01/2012
F. J. García-Peñalvo
University of Salamanca
R. Colomo-Palacios
University Carlos III
Madrid, Spain

Jane Yung-jen Hsu
National Taiwan University

Journal of Information Science and Engineering
ISSN 1016-2364
ISI JCR 2010 (0.27)


Aims & scope
In the current digital information age, a critical issue is how we process the knowledge behind the huge amount of information that appears every day through every aspect of life (news, social media, tv, radio, email, blogs, papers and so on). Everywhere you look, the quantity of information in the world is soaring, at the beginning of 21st century there was the estimation that the world produced one to two exabytes (billion gigabytes) of unique information every year (Lyman and Varian, 2000), The Economist estimates that mankind created 150 exabytes of data in 2005 and 1,200 exabytes in 2010. That means lots of data in form of text, numbers, images, sounds, etc. that are deemed important by humans for different purposes.

The problem is the capacity to process, understand and take advantage from this information overload. Visualization techniques have the ability to convey information at the high bandwidth of the human perceptual system, facilitating recognition of patterns in the information space and supporting navigation in large collections (Thomas et al., 2001). However, the challenge is not only knowledge representation in information system but highly interactive environments that offer a deep data interaction that allows non trivial knowledge discovering and decision making by users.

The combination of visualization techniques, visual analytics techniques, data mining techniques, intelligent recommendation agents, user centered evaluation and usability patterns, etc. in interactive systems is a key issue for knowledge discovering in current and future information systems.

Areas for inclusion in this special issue comprise those related to knowledge discovering and visual analytics in interactive information systems. Every submission must spell out the implications of findings in the paper for highly human-computer interactive information systems. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Interactive knowledge discovering
  • Knowledge discovering in visual collaborative systems
  • Visual representations and interaction techniques
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Data representations and transformations
  • Visual analytics information systems experiences
  • Visualization in user centered system

Guest editors disseminate the call for paper in scientific distribution lists and communities and specific related forums. Also the information about this special issue will be available in the GRIAL research site.

Instructions for Authors
Potential authors should submit full papers by the Submission Deadline. Manuscript should be submitted to fgarcia@usal.es. Manuscripts should not exceed 18 double-spaced pages. Papers should be prepared according to the JISE guidelines for authors. A template of submitted paper can be found at http://www.iis.sinica.edu.tw/page/jise/InstructiontoAuthors.html . All papers will be blind reviewed.

Important dates

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2012
Acceptance Notification: March 30, 2012
Final Manuscript Due: April 30, 2012
Publication Date Vol. 28, No. 4, July 2012 (tentatively)