Entrepreneurship Education for European Students (E3S)

European Union. Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus. Intensive Programmes. Call 2011
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Project leader: 
Dr. D. Jose Adriano Gomes Pires
01/09/2011 to 30/08/2012
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To provide the development of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial culture across borders, in order to promote self-employment of finalists and/or new graduate students, the Entrepreneurship Education for European Students Intensive Programme (E3SIP) intends to offer, through a comparative, innovative and interdisciplinary approach, the demanded international knowledge and multicultural competences.

In the E3S Intensive Programme the students attend lectures together with Portuguese and foreign students, which will give them an opportunity to become acquainted with different cultures. This will be a valuable asset in their entrepreneurship culture. The courses will be entirely taught in English by lecturers from the five partners institutions.

At the end, each participant receives a proficiency certificate that is worth 6 ECTS credits.

The program will be hosted by School of Technology and Management (ESTiG) at Polytechnic Institute of Bragança. All E3S Intensive Programme participants will be considered part of the ESTiG community and are afforded the same rights and privileges as regular students, so you will quickly feel integrated into the heart of the School. The atmosphere around campus is friendly and interactive and you may develop friendships which will last well beyond the programme. That is why we are offering you a unique kind of opportunity.