The research GRoup of Interaction And e-Learning (GRIAL) is a Recognised Research Group of the University of Salamanca and a Recognised Group of Excellence by the Regional Council of Castille and León. The group is formed by a large number of researchers from different fields of knowledge (see "Members"). Most members have a technical or a pedagogical profile, but there are also members with expertise in e-Learning project management, Humanities, Sciences, etc.

The research activity of the group in these last few years has ranged from purely technical and computing projects to the development of pedagogical methodologies and models of reference in the field of online learning which have gained international recognition and awards.

Our main work lines:

  • Human-Computer interaction
  • eLearning ecosystems
  • Web engineering and semantic web
  • Software architectures
  • Computers in education
  • Communication theory
  • Technology, resources and services for Spanish
  • Development of learning contents
  • Online tutoring
  • Visual analytics

We invite you to visite our website, to learn about our activities and services and, if you wish, to take part in out social networks. We are a group with a vocation for service to the educational community, institutions, enterprises and citizenship in general, because we are convinced that quality of education and research are fundamental factors for the development of our society.