Training SEN teachers to use robotics for fostering STEAM and develop computational thinking

European Union. Erasmus + KA2 - Cooperation partnership in school education
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Project leader: 
Miguel Ángel Conde
01/10/2023 to 30/09/2025
250.000 €

Our current society demands professionals with XXI competences. STEAM disciplines have shown to be specially relevant to facilitate their acquisition.However in such disciplines the inclusion of mentally disabled students is very difficult. RoboSTEAmSEN aims to support educational processes by providing mentally disabled students teachers with methodologies and tools for fostering STEAM and facilitating the acquisition of computational thinking by using Robotics and Active Learning Methodologies.

The project main aim is addressed by: understanding disabled students needs and adapting robotics and active learning methodologies to their different diseases; defining training programs for teachers to they can make adaptations to personalize mentally disabled students learning; developing a community of practice supported by a technological, ecosystem to provide a meeting point for teachers and decision makers about what and how to succeed in STEAM Education for mentally disabled students.

The main project outcome should be to improve STEAM Education for mentally disabled students. In order to achieve this we will produce several results: a taxonomy for classifying resources for this collective; a user model to personalize learning for them, guides; resources and courses for teachers; workshops models to spread the results beyond the project; and a technological ecosystem to support a community of practice in the topic.