DEsign Tools of Artificial Intelligence in Sustainability Living LabS

European Union. Erasmus + KA2 - Cooperation partnership in higher education
Project type: 
Project leader: 
Filippo Chiarello
01/11/2023 to 01/10/2026
400.000 €

DETAILLs aims to increase the number of HE students capable of designing sustainable products with AI and sustainability focus, through a new Living Lab model (DETAILLs Living Lab) . Objectives include leveraging AI for data-driven decisions, promoting sustainability, and increasing skills, relationships, awareness, and sustainable processes. The project emphasizes a focus on sustainability, AI, and practical implementation for designing sustainable products.

The project has 5 WPs. WP1 management is led by UNIPI . WP2 is led by Unizag and aims to identify relevant skills for AIdriven sustainable design and defining the DETAILLs curriculum. WP3 is led by BMU and aims to increase HE trainers pedagogical skills, create the DETAILLs training materials and establishing cooperations with companies. WP4 is led by USAL and will test and validate the educational experience delivered through the delivery of the course DLLs.WP5 is for dissemination activities.

The results of the project are the following: 1. DETAILLs Sustainability Living Lab model: it includes the curriculum and the training materials hosted on an e-learning platform, addressing AI,Sustainability and Design; 2. Self-paced course for increasing the digital and pedagogical skills of HE trainers; 3. A network of companies interested in AI-driven methods. This results is made tangible by the signature of MoUs with the companies proposing challenges; of practice of DLLs.